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Alexion – Patient Support

Alexion Pharmaceuticals are committed to helping patients with long-term conditions become more independent by providing a wide range of materials designed to increase the understanding of their disease and develop the coping skills to improve their health and well-being.

Blaze developed a range of patient support materials specifically written, illustrated and animated for patients who had been diagnosed with the rare metabolic bone disease hypophosphatasia (HPP).

These support materials included:

• Creating a unique logo and strapline
• Creating a patient support website
• Producing animated and printed injection guides
• Organising a patient ‘Starter Pack’
• Designing an injection diary and medicene passport
• Creating a ‘localisation kit’ for participating countries


Patient Support website designed to work across a variety of electronic devices e.g. smartphone, computer, tablet) and adapt to the available screen size.


Patient Starter Pack to help patients develop a safe and effective injection technique and to make it easier for them to travel with their medication


Injection Diary and fold-out injection site chart to help patients record all injections and to simplify the rotation of injection sites